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Claudio D’Angelo

About Claudio d'Angelo

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I’m Claudio, and this picture tells more than a thousand words about what Visiva actually represents for me. A reality which I trust, every day.

The the line traced by that marker stands for listening, carefulness, teamwork, creative commitment. The responsibility of an idea that for me means making the client’s wish mine, interpreting the space and creating a concept, not just a mere object.

When you love what you do there is no separation between professional and personal life, it’s just you and the people. So:

– don’t feel awkward when I take a few minutes of “mystic silence” to “feel” your space.  I am just elaborating what can be the best creative solution, both aesthetically and conceptually.

– do not expect the traditional executioner: I’ve never been good in tracing on tissue paper nor connecting the dots in puzzle magazines. I consider working with the client as sharing ideas and providing the best advice I would give to my best friend.

– do not set boundaries to creativity. Imagine, dare, risk, desire, ask. Whatever the project is, it represents a new chance. It’s a different experience every single time. Every situation is the right one to put my creativity to the test and confer personality to your image.

The only way to be entirely satisfied is doing what you believe to be a great job, and the only way to do a great job is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep searching and never stop. Find the courage, follow your heart and intuition.


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