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Swiss Colocation, what’s the sound of a single hand clapping?

Swiss Colocation, what’s the sound of a single hand clapping?

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One of the things we appreciate the most when we start working with new clients is discovering they share our same values and ideals. This should not be taken for granted.

We are one of those realities which strongly believe in the old proverb “united we stand”, not just because team work provides for assigning tasks to various people to multiply the results, but also because working without confrontation and intense brainstorming won’t take you very far.

That is why we showed great enthusiasm when the Swiss Colocation team offered us to work side by side with the architect in charge of their building renovation works.

Geox founder once said “an idea is worth more than a factory” and history has proven that the most innovative ideas were conceived by combining the brains, eyes and hearts of various people.

That is how the simple realization of a totem business sign soon led us to take care of the entire aesthetical part of the building renovation works.

Once installed the totem, we needed to confer the area a more defined and well-organized look, so we studied a customized system of signs to be placed in strategic points.

Then we took care of the interiors. For the tone of all walls we opted for white and grey, a colour combination reflecting the personality of Swiss Colocation staff. This match evokes refinement and professionalism and it transmits a feeling of relaxation and harmony in the living and office areas.

We made the open space areas more colourful, but we wanted to confer something more to the rooms and to some special locations: identity. That is how we came up with the idea of assigning to each room the name of the city which best expressed the concept planned for that room.

Today every building room features a customized wall fully decorated with play of lights and colours able to bring the world inside a room. Just like Swiss Colocation with our data, right?