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Scirocco, a triumph for the rule of “Less is more”

Scirocco, a triumph for the rule of “Less is more”

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Scirocco, together with other important firms, is the perfect example of how Visiva takes care of the customer’s entire communication structure. We strongly believe that taking responsibility for an idea means to listen to the client’s desires, interpret the exposition space and create not just a simple object, but a concept.

We started with Scirocco’s sign and then requalified part of the showroom, we designed its vehicle fleet decoration and then planned and developed the stand for one of the most important international events of the interior decoration and design sector, the Salone del Mobile of Milan.

Claudio D’Angelo and architect jean Pierre Antorini worked side by side on the original project which we transformed into reality.
Our goal was to create a stand expressing one of the firm’s most characteristic trait, that is glamour.

Scirocco and its radiators reinterpret heat by combining thermal energy efficiency to design, making every room unique. That is why we needed to realize a “boutique” stand displaying avant-garde elements, unequalled for design, performance and technology. We displayed their four top-of-the-range products on minimal and linear wood walls, with sober spot lightings combined to black, the high-class color par excellence, to give greater emphasis to the energetic colors of the latest collection by Scirocco.

The “less is more” philosophy is the perfect interpretation for such occasion. When an essential product is flawless from every standpoint, the best way to display it is to remove whatever is superfluous and highlight its character.