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Mattel Athens, the best challenges are those we give the best of us

Mattel Athens, the best challenges are those we give the best of us

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Man does not stop playing because he ages, he ages because he stops playing

Mattel’s new collection presentations are one of the most curious events one can attend.

Where else in the world may one see stiff business managers exchange business cards in halls covered with chewy candies?

And an unquantifiable number of women in high heels stepping on soft carpets covered with any possible kind of toys?

These are the type of challenges we love to take, the ones you can win only by expressing your child within and winning back that same limitless imagination which can take you anywhere.

In November 2014 Mattel invited professionals and firms to the enchanted Westin Athens Astir Palace Beach of Athens to present its brand new products. An event organized for grown-ups but dedicated to children.

That is why in a place where children were not allowed in the grown-up world we wanted to take grown-ups to the children’s.
How was that possible? 14 professionals, 80 hours of graphics, 2 lorries, 70 pallets, 2 weeks of works, 30 windows, to build a real dream town with Barbie, Hot Wheels and all the others born from the hands of Dad Mattel.

Dario Saurin, the heart and soul of Arcoiris, after designing the entire setting freehand, relied on us for the scanning, production, realization, transport and logistic part.

Mattel Athens 2014 is still today one of the greatest projects we have ever realized.

The greatest in terms of size, structure, technique and functioning, but also and most of all for the preciousness of such mission: contributing to teach a life lesson.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” (Angela Schwindt)