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Igor Gorgonzola, limits are meant to be surpassed

Igor Gorgonzola, limits are meant to be surpassed

Igor Gorgonzola represents one of those clients that showed great interest and enthusiasm in our modus operandi: a philosophy which makes us take care of the client’s entire communicative structure – and not just a single event or occasion. Knowing our client’s needs and expectations and taking care of most of the tools he uses to communicate with the world, is the best way to identify and promote his image.

That is how, after contributing in taking Igor Gorgonzola all around the world by decorating their tank trucks, we undertook a project which achieved various commercial supremacies in the history of Visiva: the sign of the sport hall Pala Igor Gorgonzola.

Since autumn of 2015, the so-called Arena of the sport center of Terdoppio in Novara has become the Pala Igor Gorgonzola. This was not just a simple business sign, we actually had to create a new identity for a location.

Based on the graphical project created by the client, we brought to life a gigantic structural project.

  • 3 meters tall
  • A total of 60 meters in length
  • 5 signs
  • 3 weeks for production
  • 2 days for installation
  • 4 installers
  • 2 cranes
  • elevator platforms

With these numbers, the Pala Igor project won the title of largest sign ever realized by Visiva Group and the greatest intervention ever made by our staff.

“Challenges” such as this launched by our Igor friends make us remember how important it is not to put limits not only to fantasy, but most of all to possibilities, with special attention to the planning phase – one of the most delicate of the entire work.

Not putting limits from the very beginning of a job gives space to ideas that otherwise would not come to life. But there is more: this working style allows those involved in the project to study solutions and techniques that are always new, improving the results and providing the clients with results more and more faithful to their needs and expectations.