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Farmacia Torre, cheerfulness is the principal ingredient

Farmacia Torre, cheerfulness is the principal ingredient

Cheerfulness is the principal ingredient in the composition of health. – Arthur Murphy –

Who says that pharmacies and medical centers should be sterile and without personality? Health is also (or better, most of all) achieved through the brain. It is a physical, mental and social wellbeing status and not just the absence of illness.

More often than not we underestimate the role played on our mood, and as a consequence on our physical and psychological conditions, by the space surrounding us.

Farmacia Torre has a wide and versatile space, but for a long time it was not conferred the proper value. The dark wood used for the displays and counter would not do justice to the luminosity of its corners and the furniture in general would not reflect the staff’s vitality.

Our first goal was to give the right light back to the premises by using the most revitalizing color par excellence: white.

We wanted to renovate the structure without compromising the pharmacy’s business and without forcing the owner to close it for works in progress. So we opted for the less invasive and most trade-friendly solution possible, that is to install covering elements over the existing displays, enabling the staff to keep working without suffering any inconvenience.

The shop corners literally came back to life and we ourselves were able to acknowledge the presence of some products only after the renovation works.

Once again, as if we still needed to, we could prove how much white can exalt and reinvigorate the colors of the surrounding objects.
We chose a candid cover for the counter as well and rounded off its corners and edges to obtain a sweeter and comforting design.

For a better comfort and to make the spaces ‘warmer’, we decided to color with orange part of the covering elements. Warm colors have an energizing effect on the nervous system, they enhance muscle activity, blood pressure, breathing frequency and heartbeat, and are thus relatable to tonicity and action.

We will never stop reminding our friends and clients how important it is to surround ourselves with beautiful things. It may sound like a cliché, but this recommendation applied to everyday life can make you smile in the most unexpected moments. And remember, smile as much as possible. It’s a very inexpensive medicine.